My oldest granddaughter didn’t walk until she was fifteen months. Her baby sister has been on the go since she was ten months. It’s funny how kids do things in their own time. For both though, the process was the same, it started with literal “baby steps”. We can learn a lot from that picture of a baby learning to walk. We all have to start somewhere and just try. We take one small step toward what we want and always remember to keep moving forward no matter how big or small the stride seems.

One of my favorite quotes that illustrates this is from Dottie Walters. She says “Success is a staircase, not a doorway”. Each step gets you closer to achieving whatever it is that you want. It may be writing a book, organizing your house, or getting an upper-level management position at your company. Whatever it is, it probably won’t happen overnight. I tell my clients that we might not see what is next or understand the circumstances we are in but…just start and don’t stop moving forward.

So before you think what you are trying to achieve isn’t possible and hasn’t happened yet remember to keep taking those baby steps. Don’t be paralyzed by fear, or procrastination – my challenge for you is to take the next step and then the next step. Your desired outcome is worth it!