Several years ago I starting thinking about people whose lives had made a positive impression on mine. I created an impactful-influential list, first in my head and then on paper.

It’s simply a list of people’s names who have made me a better person by sharing nuggets of wisdom or living a life that made me say “Wow, I want to be like that!”. I would encourage you to begin your list.

How do you decide who makes your list? Ask yourself who has added value to your life or taught you a priceless lesson? The number of people doesn’t matter, you decide that but for me it’s about fifteen.

My list includes an elderly neighbor that taught me to cook and bake with love and to be present in all conversations. Also, a successful businessman that has a heart bigger than Texas. He taught me in real time the principle of “don’t let the left hand know what the right hand is doing.”

My pioneer father who was the youngest of six children in a tight-knit Catholic family and took a risk. He moved his eight children and wife to the Arkansas Ozarks for what he thought would be a better life (and it was!).

My mom who had the grit and determination to return to school to follow her passion of teaching while in her forties. She still successfully managed our household while raising her last six children.

So, think about who is on your list? Who has been impactful and influential in your life? And, even more importantly, how can you make someone else’s list?