In the Bible, there is a story of King David on his deathbed telling his son, Solomon to be kind to a man that was kind to him years earlier. What a great story about remembering those that were kind to us. He tells Solomon to give this man a permanent seat at his table.

Let’s fast forward to today and the person who comes to mind especially in my life was my sweet sister-in-law, Pam. She died of cancer a few months ago but the common thread at her funeral was her kindness. She was fun and vibrant and there are many words to describe her, but sincere kindness defined her life. 

I want to challenge you to remember those who were kind to you along the way and take every opportunity to extend kindness to others. What could you do for those who were kind to you from your past? How can you put the interests of others above your own? I will always remember Pam and her funeral and how many people enjoyed and appreciated this trait in her. Leave a legacy of kindness!