We say and hear the words “core values” often but have you ever really stopped to think about what that means? A great way to define core values and create your own is by using these four B words – beliefs, being, behavior & boundaries.

Beliefs are your guiding principles, philosophies that help shape your life, and those things you won’t negotiate or compromise on. Your Being is intrinsically meaningful to you, there’s no right or wrong because you take ownership of these values.

Behavior helps determine your words and actions and assists with critical decision-making skills. Boundaries are parameters you set for yourself and are strengthened when you set core values in place. This is my personal favorite because I struggled with this for years…but when I discovered my core values…everything changed!

These same components can also help us create core values in our primary relationships. When I coach couples I encourage them to not only have personal core values but to create couple’s core values. These are values that align with who they are as a couple and strengthen their relationship. Years ago my husband and I crafted our own. Interestingly, three of our couple’s values align with three out of my four personal core values.

Today, I challenge you to define your personal core values and to gain a deep understanding of your beliefs, being, behavior & boundaries. Then, if you are married, consider doing the same with your partner to strengthen your relationship…you won’t regret it!