A year ago I had a conversation with one of my daughters about the ultimate gift you can give someone. Your time. It doesn’t cost you anything financially but it can also be one of the most difficult gifts for some people to give! I want to encourage you to be generous with your time.

How do we give this ultimate gift? There are three stages of giving – intentionality, planning, and habit. First we have to intentionally make a deliberate choice to give someone our time. In the latter years of my mom’s life I first made a choice to spend a lot of time with her, knowing it was what she craved the most. Secondly, in the planning stage, I prepared my day around this by either calling her or visiting her in person.  Lastly, I made it a habit to give her this gift by incorporating it into my day and it became my regular routine.  

My mom never had to tell me that time was her ultimate gift but I knew it. She ended every conversation with thank you for calling or thank you for coming by. I never regret a second of that time that was spent talking to her or by her side. Today I encourage you to give the ultimate gift of time to those you love!