A few years back I had the privilege of attending my annual NAPO Conference in Atlanta. One of my favorite break-out sessions was by Mike Vardy on productivity and theming. He spoke on yearly, monthly, and daily theming. 

For several years, I have chosen a yearly theme word. My 2020 word was “perspective” and I applied this word almost daily to my thoughts and actions. The key to yearly theming is being mindful all year round about the word you choose. It’s interesting to reflect back on past years and see the positive impact this activity has on your personal growth. If you haven’t already selected your 2021 word to define your year, now is the perfect time!

But what is monthly and daily theming? Monthly theming is selecting a project or a concept that you either want to begin, accomplish, or focus on during that particular month. Examples could be January- prepare taxes, February – create an outline for your new book, March- stage your house to sell, and so on. 

Daily theming is giving each individual day a specific theme. As an entrepreneur my daily theming for Mondays is administrative with coaching days in between, followed by Fridays for networking. I have found this structure and practice of theming my days, months, and years to be extremely productive and enlightening, and think you will too!