A few years ago I was asked to speak to a young women’s group on any topic I wanted. I chose to make a list of things I would tell my younger self. At 61, I’m still learning…but I also love sharing the insight I’ve gained along the way. Here are a few of my favorites. 

  1. Have intentional days
  2. Don’t put energy into things or people that don’t matter
  3. Be quick to forgive and ask for forgiveness
  4. Enjoy the journey and be present
  5. Embrace correction
  6. Be more grateful
  7. Stop worrying about what people think

The one I most needed to share with my younger self was to learn to be confident. This was a life-long struggle that started for me as a child. In 2020 I chose to become a Certified Confidence Coach through The American Confidence Institute. I wanted to understand the research around confidence for myself and my coaching clients. 

Confidence is at your lowest at 16 years of age and peaks at 60. If this or any of the other items on my list are a struggle for you don’t wait until your 60’s! Think about what would be on your list, how you’ve learned to change or improve, and how you can share your wisdom with those around you!