Several years ago my daughter mentioned reading a book on Fasting and immediately I was curious. It all began as a spiritual journey to achieve breakthrough and definitely still is, but I have gained even more than I could have anticipated. Fasting has changed my life!  

I discovered three key additional benefits of fasting – to gain clarity, to remain in a mindful state, and to continually be grateful. Fasting allows for clearer thinking and gives me time to zero in on what’s really important. I can get fixated on ideas or things that I need to let go of and fasting helps me do that.

Fasting also puts me in a more “mindful state.” The morning after I fast, I’m not so quick to cram something in my mouth. I find myself savoring every bite and doing a lot less mindless eating throughout the day. 

And lastly, my favorite benefit to fasting is the gratitude that follows. Instead of complaining, I find myself being more thankful for everything I have. 

Here are a few tips for a successful fast. First, set your intentions a few days before your fasting day. I choose Monday to fast so on Saturday I start mentally preparing. Another tip is to load up on vegetables (no carbs or sugars) the night before. I choose a big salad with lots of fresh veggies and this helps keep the hunger pangs away longer the following day. Lastly, drink lots of water. 

My challenge for you is to begin fasting. You can start small, even consider skipping just one meal. If you can make this a regular part of your life I truly believe you will be able to enjoy the breakthrough, clarity, mindfulness, and gratitude that follow!