As a little girl, I remember playing outside and seeing Mrs. D walk the mountain where we lived. I remember thinking “Why would anyone just walk to walk? Especially these Ozark hills.” Little did I know that years later I would be doing the same thing in the same place. I also spent years walking with one of my best friends, Sue, while living in Texas. We both agreed walking was the best form of therapy and it also allowed us a safe space to talk. 

Although Sue and I no longer live in the same town, I still walk almost every morning. It sets the pace for my day. It’s difficult to be stressed out after my morning walk. In addition to many health benefits, research shows that being outside for at least five minutes a day increases mood, motivation and self-esteem. According to Web MD being outside can also improve your sleep, provide the vitamin D your body needs, and improve your focus. 

I believe that walking, getting some exercise, and spending time outdoors is more important for us now than ever! I challenge you to start your day with a walk and see how it sets the tone for your day and improves it overall.